The Art of Repurposing

Being the daughter and granddaughter of artists, this subject is one of my nearie-dearies. To me there’s nothing better than the smell of turpentine in the morning.  I try, in various spurts of enthusiasm, to step up to my genetic calling, but, satisfied for the moment at being a neophyte, I absolutely revel in cleverness … Continue reading

The Reason We Do This

“Enjoying your thrift store info a lot. I am still in Oklahoma, raising 4 beauties and a set of twins to boot! I am clothing all of us on a dime! It is hard to know how to dress now, I have lost my fashion sense. but your blog is helping. Thank you! Have a … Continue reading

Experts: Ansel Adams Photos Found at Garage Sale Worth $200 Million

Howdy, TSC comrades! Today on CNN, it was reported that glass plate negatives a man in California bought at a garage sale – for $45 – are actual Ansel Adams originals, thought to be destroyed in a fire! They’re worth over $200,000,000.  Not that you’ll find a Van Gogh in your local thrift store or … Continue reading

From Paris, With Love!

Bonjour, TSC Comrades!  TSC is extremely lucky to be in Paris at the moment, and we’re exploring the second hand digs this beautiful city of light has to offer.  Today, it’s Freep ‘S’ Star in the 4th eme, a place you just have to see to believe!  Check out the video for an insider’s tour, … Continue reading

  • Any fool can spend money. It takes intelligence, creativity and bravery to get what you want at the price you can reasonably afford.