The Art of Repurposing

Being the daughter and granddaughter of artists, this subject is one of my nearie-dearies. To me there’s nothing better than the smell of turpentine in the morning.  I try, in various spurts of enthusiasm, to step up to my genetic calling, but, satisfied for the moment at being a neophyte, I absolutely revel in cleverness … Continue reading

Cure Thrift Shop! East Village, Manhattan

This week I had the extreme good fortune of stumbling on the Cure Thrift Shop in Manhattan’s East Village.  This place is an absolute gem, and all proceeds benefit the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.  It’s ridiculously well-curated, and the prices are astounding, given the quality of the items and the way they’re so lovingly displayed. … Continue reading

Goodwill Furniture Find!

I’m reposting this from a lovely blog called Victorian in the Rough – I love their style and flair for both decoration and writing, and find them awfully inspiring. Kudos to them for picking up such a treasure at Goodwill! oh, Goodwill, one of my favorite stores. Not only is everything cheap, but you find … Continue reading

Joanie Loves Tchotchkes!

When I was 19, a rebellious wild-haired thing in central Oklahoma, I stood in my dear friend Jerry’s kitchen, nursing strong black coffee in a large Mexican mug, looking around at strangely carved wooden things, old tins and antique ceramics that held spices, cutlery and exotic wooden spoons. The rugs were old Navajo, and the … Continue reading

  • Any fool can spend money. It takes intelligence, creativity and bravery to get what you want at the price you can reasonably afford.