Melissa M.

“Enjoying your thrift store info a lot. I am still in Oklahoma, raising 4 beauties and a set of twins to boot! I am clothing all of us on a dime! It is hard to know how to dress now, I have lost my fashion sense. but your blog is helping. Thank you! Have a great rest of summer!”

Alicia P.

“I love your site! I literally decided this week that I will go to the Thrift Store when the kids are back in school Monday. I’m about to start substitute teaching and all I have are jeans! Someone suggested I might have luck there.”

Joan Diamond
New York

“Hi, I just joined your group on facebook and also checked out your link.  I loved reading what you wrote and share your enthusiasm and passion for thrift shops. I’ve been a thrift shopper for a long time and am addicted to the “hunt”.  I appreciate fabrics, textures, designs and quality and love to shop for the unique items only thrift stores can offer. With a little imagination you can find different accessories and articles of clothing to create a wonderful outfit and not spend a fortune.

I wanted to add a shop that your readers might like.  It is located NE of the city and about an hour away. It is run by the Poughkeepsie chapter of the Junior League.  It is called the “Bargain Box” and is at 794 Main Street in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. (near Raymond Avenue & Vassar College). All profits from the shop go back into the community to fund various projects. The store hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10-3 and Thursdays 10-6.  The store has two end of season sales where all clothing is a dollar per item. The end of summer sale is Tuesday August 18 & Wednesday August 19th.  Special store hours are 10-6 p.m. both days. Phone # is (845) 471-3530.

The store carries women’s, men’s and children’s clothing . The shelves are stocked with  linens, housewares, books, audio, accesories, and jewelry.  Designer items have included Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Kate Spade, Ferragamo, Escada, Walter, Chanel, Dior, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, etc.. The store has an extra small section and a plus size section as well. It is a fun shop and has been in the area for over 3 decades.”

Margaret Smith
Cherokee, Oklahoma

“Best second hand store in Texas”

Regular Store Hours: 10 to 8 Monday through Friday * 10 to 6 Saturday * 12 to 5 Sunday Consignment Hours: 1 to 6 Monday through Friday * 1 to 4 Saturday
12835 Preston Road – Suite 411- Dallas, Texas  75230
Preston Valley Shopping Center – Southwest Corner Preston @ I 635 (LBJ)

Dee K.,
Dallas, TX

“Can’t believe it….you’re a Thrift Store junkie, too.  Most every time I’m called in for an audition…I check our local store for wardrobe…and it always works!  Our little store is in a town population…1300.  It’s simply called “the Thrift Store” and is managed on a volunteer basis by the Ministerial Alliance in our community.  Proceeds go to help families and passersby who need a hand.  What doesn’t sell in season moves on to the Salvation Army in OKC.  You can’t miss it if you ever travel through northwest Oklahoma…it’s on Grand Ave..downtown Cherokee.  I also use it to recycle my things…..  Prices range from 25 cents for a blouse to $2.00 for a pant suit.  Shoes are generally 50 cents. I always slip in a little for donation along the way.  Open Tues. Wed Fri 9:30 – 3:30 and Sat 9:30 am – 12 pm.  On special days you can fill a grocery bag for $1.00.  Now that’s marketing!”

Carolyn McLemore
Enid, Oklahoma

“My favorite thrift store is in Enid, OK  (my home) and is called Park Avenue Thrift.  They are in a funky old building and have EVERYTHING.  Good, bad and everything in between.  Their website is not up yet but I will send it as soon as it’s up.  Their income goes to help homeless in Enid (of whom we have many) and do other good works without the usual crap people have to go through to get help.  I like your website.”

One Response to “Testimonials”
  1. Nicole says:

    Got a tip on a great store in your area? E-mail me at thriftstoreconfidential@gmail.com and I’ll add you and your fav shop to this list!

    Happy Hunting!

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