TSC Exclusive – Salvation Army Makeover!

Hi Comrades!

Exciting first-hand news here on the second-hand front!

Pot of Gold!

The Salvation Army, as most of us are aware, have been “Doing the Most Good” for generations.  Hard-core thrifters flock to their stores, and revenues benefit real people in real need. In an enormous effort to give existing shoppers a more pleasant experience, appeal to a wider audience and bring their good works to even more, the Salvation Army is opening new Family Stores across the nation, and these beauties are miles above the thrift stores of the past.

Accentuate the Positive

Give. Me. That. Chair!

Timothy A. Raines II, Marketing Director of the Salvation Army, sent Thrift Store Confidential these exclusive photos, with this exciting news to share:

“The photos are from several different stores we’ve opened over the last year or two and are examples of where we’re headed in the future. Everything about the new Family Stores is geared toward a better shopping experience for our customers: larger shopping area, better lighting, changing rooms and more. We’re really trying to take thrifiting into the 21st century. There’s no reason in the world why second-hand shopping needs to be second-rate shopping.”

Amen, Tim!

Coming soon, TSC is honored (and I’m giddy) to be invited to cover the opening of a new Salvation Army Family Store in upstate New York; in the meantime, grab a bag of those old things taking up valuable space, check out the handy Salvation Army Value Guide, and drop them off at your nearest SA store.  Then do a little shopping while you’re there to reward yourself for doing a good deed!

Many thanks to Tim and the Salvation Army for the work they do, and for sharing these great exclusives with TSC.

Over and out for now!
As always, thank you for being a TSC reader.
All best,

Nicole & the TSC Team


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