TSC Spotlight! The Super-Awesome Thrift Shopper.com!

Whether you’re a Salvation Army Veteran or a Second Hand Virgin, run, don’t walk, to TheThriftShopper.Com.  It’s an enormous site that is an all-encompassing destination for thrifters.

At the forefront (to my mind, as a shopper), is their enormous and beautiful national thrift store directory –  plug in a zip code and *shazam* all the charity resale shops nearby are right in front of you, replete with hours and directions.  There are close to 10,000 shops listed, and if you don’t see your favorite, do us all a favor and contact them for it to be added!

Next is the wildly active shopper’s forum, populated with thousands of like-minded thrifty types, who post on hundreds of topics like insider tips and ideas for repurposing thrift store finds.  The gallery is also pretty sweet and awfully inspiring.


The Thrift Shopper.com’s Industry section is a fabulous source for people who run thrift stores – it’s full of information, advice and resources – I personally wish a lot of stores would use this more often!

If that weren’t enough, they’ve launched a YouTube channel called ThriftStoreTours, and are encouraging people from all over the country to post videos of their favorite haunts!

Finally, they’re launching ThriftShopORama.Com, an online marketplace that will feature the best items from thrift stores around the country, with all proceeds going directly to the stores themselves.

This herculean effort is run with a lot of care by Michael and Cookie, a couple of self-described thrift store addicts living in Vero Beach, Florida.

I spoke with Michael last week, and I’m humbled and inspired by the scope of knowledge he possesses.  He’s been featured on CNN and NPR Radios, and interviewed for Woman’s World Magazine and The New York Times.  Michael has also spoken before The National Council of The Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and The Association of Christian Thrift Stores, and was invited as a member of the press to two Florida tapings of Antiques Roadshow.  He even helped arrange one of their location shoots filmed in a thrift store.

I asked him what his mission is and what he hopes to accomplish – his answer is pretty simple, and while I think they’ve already done it, I can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

“We hope to have one of the best and most informative internet destinations for anyone interested in thrift shopping.”

In short, Michael is, in my opinion, the King of Thrift Stores, and you should get to know him and the community he’s worked so hard to foster.

The Thrift Shopper.com is run by advertising revenues, and their rates are absurdly reasonable.  If you, dear reader, have a relevant business (hello, Etsy sellers!) and you’d like to reach thousands of savvy shoppers, contact Michael here.

In all, it does my heart a great deal of good to see what Michael and Cookie have done and are doing to gather the forces of the world of thrift stores.  I’m absolutely positive that if we all work together to spread the word, we’ll strengthen the infrastructure of our communities, help reduce waste, help out a whole lot of people, and end up with tremendous bargains.

Visit The Thrift Shopper.Com.  Really.
Over and out for now.
As always, thank you for being a TSC reader.
All best,
Nicole & the TSC Team

2 Responses to “TSC Spotlight! The Super-Awesome Thrift Shopper.com!”
  1. Van says:

    I love that you had a conversation with the owners and got some feedback to share, that takes this post to the next level. I definitely need to interact and contribute to The Thrift Shopper more, it’s an amazing resource.

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