Salvation Army Coat Sale Exclusive – COMING SOON!

Howdy, Comrades!

Hope your  holidays were full of laughter, patience and joy!  BIG NEWS here at TSC – the amazing people of The Salvation Army gave TSC an exclusive sneak-peek at their legendary New York City coat sale earlier this month.  Yes, we got in early, yes we’ve got footage of it, and of course, we’re going to give it all to you!  While we’re recuperating (briefly) and editing all of the material, enjoy a little teaser.  Full episode coming awfully soon, in time for the next (and FINAL) sale January 8th, 2011! Mark your calendars!

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Over and out for now,
Nicole & the TSC Team

2 Responses to “Salvation Army Coat Sale Exclusive – COMING SOON!”
  1. Seeing all these coats is worrisome. Salvation Army has teamed up with lots of local organizations asking for coat donations. They infer that these coats will all be donated to those in need. But now I wonder…..are they just for a giant coat sale in NY?? What’s the dealio?

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Sondra! This was a great question. To answer it, I wrote to Tim A. Raines II, Marketing Manager for the Salvation Army. Here’s Tim’s response:

      “when The Salvation Army sponsors a “Coats for Kids” or “Winter Coat Drive”, the coats ARE given directly to families. in need. The coats made available at this special sale in NYC are coats donated from that area only and only as part of our regular year-round acceptance of in-kind donations.

      In general, as you probably already know, the items you donate are, for the most part, sold at affordable prices in your local community. Some items are given directly to needy families, but the majority of the items we receive at our stores and through our pickup service are sold in our Family Stores, allowing those who can’t afford retail to obtain goods at reasonable prices, while allowing us to support our Adult Rehabilitation Centers, where men and women who have lost everything to alcohol, drugs, homelessness and other life issues receive help and hope. In fact, there are over 100 of these centers across the country.”

      Thanks again, Sondra!

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