Woohoo! Goodwill Rewards Program!

Well now this is exciting to me.  Goodwill today launched a program that earns you a $10 credit for each $100 you spend in any store across the country.  I think every retailer should have a “frequent buyer” program (hello, Starbucks?!) – psychologically I feel it’s a big incentive for me to spend with that company over someone else, because I feel appreciated as a customer, and awfully savvy for racking up savings. And for a THRIFT STORE to have one?! Heck yah! Way to go, Goodwill!

I can’t seem to find the link to sign up online, but here’s the link to the downloadable .pdf form.  I’m mailing mine today!

Goodwill Rewards Sign Up Form

Over and out for now.
All best,
Nicole & the TSC Team


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