The Donate Movement – Photo Contest!

The Good People of Goodwill are at it again!  This time, they’ve come up with an ingenious little contest that sparks creativity, increases awareness, and awards fabulous prizes from Levi’s and Flip! With all of the wickedly creative folks reading this blog, I know you can come up with something that’ll for sure turn heads!

Here’s the announcement video:

All of the simple and lovely little instructions live here.  But get crackin’! The contest deadline is November 22! In the meantime, here’s one of my contributions.

And just for good measure (and because I thought it was fabulous and could speak to you too), here’s a take on the same theme from a blogger at

The moral of this post (and most of our posts, really) is – take a second to stop worrying about money, and do something fun and creative. Channel all of that talent you have for finding beautiful secondhand stuff, and who knows? You might be the lucky winner!

Over and out for now.
All our best,
Nicole & the TSC Team


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  • Any fool can spend money. It takes intelligence, creativity and bravery to get what you want at the price you can reasonably afford.
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