Calculate Your Donation Impact!

This is totally brilliant.  Goodwill Industries, who have been extremely impressive of late with their partnerships with the retail sector, have set up an ingenious “Impact Calculator” –  I added up a couple of jackets, sweaters and jeans just to check it out, and that results in 2 hours of resume preparation for a real-life American trying to get back to work.  You can see in real time what tremendous good your donation of stuff you just don’t use anymore can do for actual people.

I’m tickled to death that this is catching on.  Even featured the Impact Calculator in an article titled “How Far Do Your Donations Go?

Also, if you haven’t already thought of it, donating your items and shopping at thrift stores is absolutely GREEN.  Recycling unwanted items, saving money, helping people in need, and reducing your carbon footprint.  Priceless.

Over and out for now.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook!

All best,

Nicole & the TSC Team

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